DAY 71: Sunday bros run/workout


It’s Sunday! Great day of workout with my friends in the morning. Usually we do just a 5km run but Brendan wanted to try to body weight workout and so we have a slight modification to our weekly routine.

We started off with some stretching and went off with a 600m run to the nearby fitness corner. At the fitness corner, we started our body weight workout.

Round 1

10 Pull ups followed by 10 dips – 3 sets 90sec rest between each set

Round 2

10 diamond push ups followed by 10 jump squats – 3 sets 90 sec rest between each set

Round 3

50 crunches

After which, we took a long run back to our start off point.


While the whole run’s distance is less than 2.4km, we were going out of breath due to the strength exercises we did earlier. It could be due to the fact that our glycogen stores have been depleted from the warm up run and strength exercises. Great workout!

It seems like having a healthy lifestyle is contagious. After started doing workouts and posting workout sessions in my blog, more and more people have been asking me about how I do my workouts and some even commented that they have started to work out themselves after reading my blog. Even in the  Sunday runs, it just started with me running, then Daniel wanted to join me in training and then now Brendan is in the team. Looking forward to expand this group.

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