DAY 73: Sunday Bro Runs – things to do for an uninterupted run


We had our usual Sunday run again. This time round I felt that we run a lot faster as we were running very fast in the first half of the run. However, the 2nd half, we started to slow down a bit. The run today was a bit disrupted though as Daniel needed to go for a toilet break quite a few times. Sometimes this really breaks the momentum and it’s not so good for training as when you stop, your muscles start to cool down and it may be hard to get the muscles working hard again. So how can we overcome this?

1. Go to the toilet before you go for your run

This sounds like common sense but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we rush to do our work out because we have a busy schedule. We thought that we could finish the work out then take care of  our ‘business’ or sometimes when we sit on the porcelain throne, just nothing comes out. But I always find that taking care of business first is often better. Why? You don’t need to worry about needing to find the toilet half way and focus on your run and a having bloated tummy feels really uncomfortable when you run.

2. Avoid coffee before your run

Coffee in the morning can stimulate urine production and bowel contractions. So if you would to have coffee before your run, ensure you go to the toilet first so that your workout would not be disrupted by the sudden urge to pee or shit.

3. Be hydrated

It is likely that you would lose a lot of water through sweating when you run. If you are not hydrated before you run, chances are you would get dehydrated very easily. So don’t be lazy, just drink some water.



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