DAY 74: Muay Thai x Karate Kid – Wax on, wax off

These two weeks in Muay Thai lesson, we are focusing on parrying punches. Usually, the coach would have us do a tap block but this time round, we learn how to do the ‘wax on, wax off’ move like the karate kid. With added foot work, this move could be a  deadly move to counter punches.

Our combination for today is like this:
Cross, left hook, left hook, upper cut, wax off, cross, low roundhouse, mid roundhouse.

While it looks simple, it is physically very demanding due to the high tempo and the need to move around with the footwork. We did 1 round with full power before we were moved to the lower floor as there were a lot of BJJ people training today and we have to give them the bigger space.

When we got downstairs, the space is a lot smaller and hence we could not do the roundhouses anymore. Instead, we focused more on punches.

New combination:
Cross, left hook, left hook, upper cut, wax off, cross, left hook, left body hook, uppercut, cross, knee, right elbow, knee

We did 4 rounds of this each round ending with 50 punches and 30 knees.We were dead spent after the session. But our coach Pal is not done with us yet. We then practiced left body hooks on each other before the class ends.

I find it hard to generate power for the body hooks. Maybe I am too used to throwing left hooks to the head.:/


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