DAY 75: Back to strength training- PROGRESSION!

I had another 3 day 2 night camp in school. Hence, I wasn’t really able to do my workouts this whole week. I was dead tired by the time the camp ended and slept really early. Today, I had another busy day at NIE for a course. And of course, NIE is at some God forsaken part of Singapore and the course had to run from 9am all the way till 4pm. I only managed to reach home at 5:30pm. (It was a grueling 1.5 hour ride back) But thank God my parents just came back from Hong Kong and brought back some really yummy food.

After dinner, I decided that I shouldn’t be so lazy and just stay in room to play computer games. Hence with much determination, I went to the fitness corner for my long forgotten strength workout.

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments, reps
1 10 3 Pullup progression Standard pull ups. 10, 10, 10
10 3 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips. 10, 10, 8
2 10 3 Pushup progression Pseudo Planche Push Ups. 10, 10, 10
10 3  Row Progression Wide rows. 10, 10 , 10
3 10 3 Shoulder press 30kg 8, 8, 8

I have been able to do more pull ups these days. Usually in the set of three, I could only do 8 in set 2 and 3. Now, I can do 10 for all sets. Seems like it’s time to progress to harder variations.

As for the push ups, I have also progressed to doing pseudo planche push ups so that I can progress to doing planches later on. It looks simple but feels like a torture to do.

I tried to do a muscle up after the workout but it seems like my muscles are too fatigued to pull my body up. I also realised that I need to work on my technique more  before I can do a muscle up. Oh well, we will try it on other days.

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