DAY 78: Coach Pal- LISTEN when I teach!

How does one learn? Can every one be a good learner? These are just some of the questions I grapple everyday to help my students understand what I teach better.

Likewise for martial arts. Is learning martial art any different from learning any other subjects? I think not. Most people  learn primarily by imitating others. They watch how someone does it then try to copy what their teacher is doing. However, during this time, the teacher may be explaining  some important points to note and the learner may miss them out as they are too focused on trying to copy the teacher and not listening. Hence, learning is not at its optimum.

Coach Pal is rather upset today because in all three classes he taught, most people are just too busy trying to copy and do the actions and not listening to his explanations and key points to note.

He made sure we stopped doing everything and even made us go into the push up position so that we would take note of the key pointers he was about to give.

“Stop! What you are doing! Listen first! When you do your left hook, which leg do you twist?! Good!”

“When your partner gives you a right push kick, which hand do you use to parry?! Good!”

He voiced boomed through the gym. He ensured that everyone was on the same page before we got down to our practice. I totally understood his frustration. This happens in the classroom all the time. Students sometimes are too busy trying to write down notes in their book but do not listen to what pointer you have to say. In the end they end up not understanding the concepts taught altogether.

It was a really hard training today. We learnt how to parry the push kick.

Our combination for today:
High right push kick, cross, parry right push kick, jab, cross, left hook, right low kick, right roundhouse

While it was a really easy combination, it was really tiring as we needed to do it in great speed and power. We did 4 rounds of the combination, each ending with 50 pushes as conditioning.

However, it was not done. We did right low push kick, left low push kick, right mid push kick, left mid push kick, right high push kick, left high low kick for 3 mins

After that, we did 10X5 sets of roundhouse on each leg before ending the session with 200 crunches.

I was barely able to breathe when I was doing the push kicks. Still, I managed to finish the 100 roundhouses and I struggled through the 200 crunches.

It was a really tiring but satisfying training session at the same time.



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