DAY 79: Milestone! When working out becomes a habit-transformation of the mind


I came back rather late from work. My usual Wednesdays are usually spent alone working out as my fiancee is usually not free on Wednesdays. I was lazing around in my room when I received a text from Brendan. Btw, please excuse the Singlish.

Brendan: Bro! Where u now? Wanna workout?
Me: At home LOL. Can, what time?
Brendan: Swee! I ready to leave home now. Prolly reach ur place 5:30pm. I text in grp first. If Daniel can make it too, den we can meet later n go dinner after runMe: Ok

In group chat

Brendan: Yoyo! Anyone up for running later? Me and Henry meeting
Daniel: Run where?
Brendan: Either ur place or Henry place. After run den dinner?
Daniel: What time run first? I 6 end.
Brendan: Which place got nice food? Ur place or Henry? What time Daniel reached home n b ready? Me and Henry at home nua-ing.
Daniel: I should reach home by 630
Brendan: Okay 6:45pm at Daniel hse ba. We do workout n short run?
Daniel: I anything. I was planning to workout today anyway haha

I am honestly impressed by my friends. Just a few weeks back, both of them were struggling to just meet to exercise together. I remember how Daniel used to tell me that I must work out with him if not he wouldn’t do anything on his own. Now, they are the one initiating and they even planned to workout on their own in their free time. This is seriously a milestone! A transformation of the mind. Exercise turned from a torture to something they see as essential to do and perhaps even enjoyable! This is truly great!


We started our workout with 4 sets of max/10 pull ups. After that we went for a 3km run. It was supposed to be a slow jog but Brendan was running really quickly and we were trying to keep up. In the end, we decided that we would try to run our best for this 3km.

I reached the 2.4km mark at 11:40. Same timing as before. I was a bit disappointed as I thought I would improve. But this also shows that the other time I when was running my 2.4km, I didn’t finish at 11:40 by luck.

The last 600m was the most torturous as I spent most of my energy in the first 2.4km. I was starting to have stitches. Nonetheless, I completed the 3km at 14:36.

Brendan commented that if we keep this up for one year, we will see huge changes in our body. I agree.

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