#Danieldownsizeprogramme another milestone!

Body swapped lol

It has been a few months since Daniel has decided to get back his fitness after he learnt that I have been exercising regularly and have succeeded in losing weight. You can see the stark contrast here in 2 different photos we have taken. One back in 2011, and one in 2016.

Back then, I was weighing 72kg and Daniel about 60kg. We have swapped our body weight since. I weigh about 62kg now and Daniel about 72kg. However, today’s post is not about how much weight he has gained and lost but rather, we are going to talk about how much improvement he has made and his journey.

When we started a few months a ago,  Daniel was struggling to keep himself fit. Many years of bad habits, eating out and laziness has caught up with him. He ballooned from a skinny boy to a fat uncle. It was during this time when he decided he should look for help and help him motivated to get exercising.

In the beginning, we only ran together on Sundays. In remember our first run. Daniel was quite apprehensive. He wasn’t confident if he could keep up the pace or even complete the run. With a lot of shouting, I got him to run and complete the run. It was then Daniel started to believe in himself again; that he is stronger than what he has perceived.


After a few weeks, he decided that he want to pick up muay thai lessons again and train himself up. He came with me to Fightg and signed up for the package. Ever since then, we have been faithfully coming for training on Mondays.


As his fitness got better, he decided to do even more to help speed up with weight loss programme. During Taekwondo class, he would bring his boxing gloves and he would request that after ever round of kicking, that I help him with holding the thai pads for 50 punches and 20 roundhouse kicks. In the past, he would just be satisfied to come to class to stretch his legs.


Slowly, I can see a renewing of the mind. A mind that usually wants to slack off changed into one that would always finds ways to maximize his training.

Last year when Daniel did his IPPT, he got a pass with 60 points. A few days ago, he had his IPPT again and came out with 74 points! That is just1 point short of a silver award with extra $300!


Daniel has gone a long way indeed. Daniel’s transformation didn’t come easy. It took a lot of determination and friends around him to encourage him. I am glad to see that he has been transformed through the training we have together. I believe as we continue our regime together, there are more surprises to come!


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