DAY 87: Workout with Bros- Breakthrough! 7km!

Met up with the guys for  exercise today.We wanted to have a breakthrough in our workout so instead of the usual 6km, we ran 7km! Our bodies have grown stronger. In the past, 6km is already very tiring for us but we completed today’s 7km run easily with a pace of 5:54/km! In fact, according to my run keeper app, this is my 2nd fastest run for 6-8km!

However, this is not the end. After the run, we immediately did 10 burpees with push ups to push our anaerobic endurance. Then, we finished the workout with 3 sets of max reps of pull ups. I was able to do 12 on the first, then 8, then 6.

I am super satisfied with today’s training as we have pushed beyond our limits and ‘shocked’ our muscles.

‘Shocked’ the muscles?

I first learnt about shocking the muscles from the Youtube video above. It is a bodybuilding video where THE Arnold Schwarzenegger was explaining how he trained. He explained,

“One of the main thing of course in order to create size and create muscle growth which sometimes the body would hit the wall and what that basically means is that the body is saying ‘look, I know all your tricks. I know you gonna start first with bench press and then I know you gonna walk over to the chin up bar and do chin ups and then I know you’re going back to the bench press and then you go to the chin up bar and come back to bench press. I know that routine, I know exactly all the things you do and I am prepared for that.’ so you have to go and use the shocking principle.”

Instead of doing the same routine, “I’d do 20 reps of 315, and then have guys pull off plates. Then I’d do 10 reps of 225, and then I’d have the guys take off another pair of plates. I’d have 135 left and I’d see if I could do 15 or 20 reps…And let’s see if your muscles will get used to that.All the sudden your pectoral muscle is shaking. You don’t know what to do because it’s cramping and being tortured. It’s in pain because you’ve now shocked the muscle.”

This is exactly the training I need. My body is getting too used to the routine I am having. I need to crank it up and shock the muscles!

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