DAY 94: The Bros go Aqua Mode!


Along one of our conversations during running, we talked about the benefits of swimming and decided that one day we should go swimming together. Daniel and Brendan had their virgin swim together on Sunday and today is my first time joining them.

I didn’t bring my goggles with me so it was quite bothersome in the beginning when I was wearing my glasses and trying to keep my head above the waters. Eventually, I didn’t care anymore and swam without my glasses. I turned into a fish! A blind one though. You can’t blame me. I have 500 degrees on both eyes. A few times I nearly swam into someone. This is also due to the fact that it was quite crowded today.

I managed to swim 11.5 laps and nearly drowned when my left leg started to cramp! LOL! It was a good cardiovascular workout and I could really feel my heart pumping. The cool waters was also a welcome relief to the hot weather we have been experiencing in Singapore these few weeks.

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