DAY 96: TKD- making the strawberry generation strong

When I started practicing Taekwondo in 2005, my coach used to make us stretch our legs for 45mins to increase our flexibility before we start our training. Being white belts, we had to do grueling exercises to build up muscles that we seldom use so that we could hold our legs in the air. Back in those days, people trained with all their heart. Even when given time to have a water break, many of us will still choose to practice our techniques in the paddles and punching bag.

Nowadays, when people learn Taekwondo, they complain too much. They start complaining once they feel that the training is a little too hard. However, training is never meant to be easy. If one is not challenged, how can one improve?  As the Chinese saying goes, “光说不练,十年不变” People tend to talk a lot about what they want to achieve but seldom put their hands to it. As such, there’s no change even after 10 years.

We had a more old school style training today. Usually we have a short stretch and we will continue with basic kicks. We had a good long 30min stretch before proceeding with kicking.

Warm up for kicks

High raising kick 20
Axe kick 20
Crescent kick 20

Round 1

Roundhouse 40
Short roundhouse 40
Double roundhouse on same leg 40
Conditioning: 20 fast roundhouses

Round 2

Axe kick 30
Traveling axe kick 30
Conditioning: 20 fast roundhouses

Round 3

High roundhouse 40
slide in roundhouse 40
Conditioning: squat roundhouse

Round 4

Bouncing knee raises 4 rounds around the court
Lunges 2 rounds around the court
Frog jumps 1 round around the court
Duck walk 1 round around the court
100 crunches
*Extra or those who want to challenge themselves- 1 set max pull ups

Some of the guys were not used to the increased intensity and I had to reassure them that it is not that tough as they are still able to speak. They are just slightly out of breath. It is only when one has difficulty breathing that they know they have put in their maximum effort.




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