DAY 97: Running on very sore legs. Then swimming afterwards.

I think I pushed myself a bit too hard on Friday. It was really difficult to run today as I haven’t sufficiently recovered. Every step felt very heavy and my quads and calves were starting to cramp as long as I tired to run faster. Our plan was supposed to run 7km today but due to my current condition, I could only manage 6km. I was lagging behind the guys when we were running back to the starting point and at times I felt like giving up. However, I didn’t bring any money along so I had to run back. With much determination, I managed to grit my teeth and finish the run. I proceeded to do 10 burpees then 1 set of max pull ups.

However, our day was not done. We then make our way to the swimming pool to swim. I didn’t manage to swim much as my legs were really sore. The cool waters was a delight to soak in though. I swam about 5 laps before taking a rest.

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5 Responses to DAY 97: Running on very sore legs. Then swimming afterwards.

  1. Way to get the run/workout in even though it was tough! I hope you got a rest day!

    • strengthnspirit says:

      Yeah. I was forced to go for the swim as my friend was adamant in using his free swimming pool membership. fortunately, it didn’t turn out that bad. I went for muay thai and had a boot camp style training the next day. thankfully, my legs didn’t cramp! but my back is totally sore today! no training today!

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