DAY 98: Muay Thai Fight Training on my Birthday


It’s my birthday today! Yay! But I still had a very long meeting in the office and could only reach home at about 6pm. My family had a small surprise for me. They bought me a birthday cake. Some good calories before I head over to Fightg for my weekly Muay Thai class.

It’s fight training this week. It’s supposed to be like boot camp where non-fighters like us get a taste of what fighters go through during our training. We are supposed to be highly discipline and listen very carefully to the instructions given. We are only allowed to sit, remove our gloves or drink water when we are given permission to do so. We are also to keep our hands on guard at all times unless stated otherwise. It can be very good training if everyone listens but unfortunately, some people just can’t listen to instructions and just want to do whatever they want. As such, we got punished multiple times by doing push ups.

To be honest, martial arts is not for everyone. Some people come to the gym to make friends, talk etc. But as a seasoned martial artist, I would prefer them to concentrate and practice when it is time to do so. It is very frustration to see people not concentrating and doing all the wrong stuff when class is going on. Without discipline, one cannot learn martial art and it is better that one don’t get started at all.

We started class by practicing some pouncing back and forth then we moved on to some boxing combinations. I got a bit confused by the combination as I wasn’t used to ducking hooks. It got worse when we are required to do it with speed. We need to execute the combination in under 4 sec and I had trouble remember the moves.

We then practiced shifting away from an opponent’s inner leg kick and counter with an immediate push kick and countering a high kick with a step forward jab. We were practicing this for a while but some of the folks just couldn’t listen to instructions so the coach got really fed up and called us to kick each others inner thigh for the pad work instead.

While training was tiring today, it wasn’t really satisfying. This is largely due to the fact that we didn’t manage to practice the kicks because a small group of people decided to fool around.

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