DAY 100: Like Wings added on the Tiger

My body has been taking lots of punishment lately due to an increase in frequency of exercise. I used to work out only about 3 times a week. Ever since I have managed to motivate my friends to work out with me, I have been frequently asked to work out together. On some weeks, I work out almost 5 times a week! This give me little time to rest my body and I think last Sunday, my body was just too exhausted and therefore I could only manage to run at half my usual speed.

I came home after work today exhausted. I had a good bath, surfed the net a while before taking a nice long nap. The nap was the rest I needed. I woke up around the evening, energized. I had my dinner before putting on my running shoes for a 30min run. Here are the results:


My speed is back! Yeah! Furthermore, I did 5 sets of 10 pull ups after my run and I was able to do 50 pull ups in total! It seems like I really needed rest. The rest was a great energizer and I felt as if I am a tiger with wings added unto me. Watch me soar!

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