DAY 105: 5km run. More mental than physical


Great workout today! We did a 5km run and some body weight training after that! Brendan wasn’t really used to running 5km in one go and had to stop a few times to catch his breath. Part of the reason why he had to stop was that he ran too fast in the beginning and got winded. He was also not used to the running route and was at points demoralized when I told him we’re not done yet. LOL

I believe the 5km is more of a mental resilience training than physical endurance. Honestly, 5km isn’t that long a journey. Moreover we are not running for the fastest timing. However, as we get more tired, our mind play tricks on us and fool us into giving up. We start giving ourselves excuses like “it’s far enough”, “I did not bad, I should stop”.

There are ways to counteract this. Whenever I feel tired and feel like stopping, I remind myself how far I have gone and that I should complete the race. It is not that difficult. Think about it, having run 1km means you have already ran 1/5 of the race! 1/5 is a lot! By having a positive mindset doing this kind of run more often helps one to build up mental toughness.

After our 5km run, we headed to the fitness corner to do some body weight exercises.

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments, reps
1 10 5 Pullup progression Standard pull ups. 10, 10, 10, 8, 8
10 5 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips. 10, 10, 10, 10,10

We took a total of 2hours to complete today’s exercise.


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