DAY 113: Back @ TKD training


We’re back at Taekwondo training! I haven’t gone for the past few weeks as my Church’s Young Adults group meeting was changed to Friday. There’s gonna be two weeks break for the meeting though so I would be back for training during this period.

It seems like the long break has given my legs the time to rest. Back then I had lots of trouble doing axe kicks as I think I pulled a muscle somewhere. And given my hectic training schedule, I wasn’t giving enough time for my hamstrings to rest. I tried kicking the paddles and the dummy before training started and it felt good! It seems like my legs has become a lot more flexible and I could execute some kicks a lot faster than before.

Here’s what we did today:

Warm up
Suicide runs
High knees
Butt kicks
Side shuffles

Basic kicks
Mid section roundhouse X20
High roundhouse X20
Axe kick X20
Slide in roundhouse X20
Slide in axe kick X20
Mid section roundhouse kick followed up by slide in roundhouse X20
slide in roundhouse followed up by mid section roundhouse X20
Step in roundhouse X20

Sparring training
Everyone wore the chest protector; person getting kicked to learn how to take the kick by breathing out when impact comes.
Roundhouse kick to body X40
Push kick, side step, roundhouse combination X20
Push kick, side step roundhouse, back thrust X20
Low block, side step, roundhouse, roundhouse, push kick X20
Light contact sparring- round robin

Cool down



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