DAY 116: MilestoneS with an ‘S’

It has been a tiring day for me. I was out with my students for the whole day. We went really early in the morning to this elder home to interact with the old folks. After which, I need to fly back to VJC to do a science programme with the secondary 1 students. I am seriously underpaid for this! I was so tired, I fell asleep in the staff lounge in the pantry. =D

Anyway, I still need to run despite feeling really exhausted. Army half marathon is coming soon!


We ran a further distance together this time run. We went all the way to the Singapore famous Merlion! We then ran all the way back to our starting point. Our thighs were really sore by the end of the run.

Anyway, we have another great news to announce.

Daniel has successfully lost 10kg!

He started off with 78kg 6months ago and now he is 68kg! In fact, he shows a great improvement in his fitness as well! In the past, he would struggle just to run 2.5km and now he is able to run 8km with me without whining for a break!

It is truly a night of milestones!

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