DAY 117: TKD demonstrations

Light on the feet

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It’s Friday! It’s day for Taekwondo!

I had a super tiring week so I was looking forward to today’s training. Even though tomorrow it’s the last day of school, there’s still plenty to do. I got really angry with my Science student volunteers today as they were supposed to be at the lab at 1230 to go through their presentation for Open House and yet many were late. Some were even uncontactable. I had to force them to come to school early morning tomorrow to practice as they have not been diligent with their presentation.

Anyways, TKD training was kinda chill today but still, I could feel my muscles aching. We did a lot of rolls and break falls in preparation for demonstration. We also did many jumping kicks to prepare for the demonstration. I think it was that jumping that tire me out.

That’s all for now. enjoy the Videos!

A post shared by Henry (@strengthnspirit) on

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