DAY 120: 2.4km run and swim


Super pissed with my students today. They asked for extra training for their performance yesterday and asked if they could come to school at 9am to practiced. Seeing that they needed the time, I allowed them. When I reached school at 9am, nobody was in sight. It was after many calls that one of them texted me at 9:30am that they had decided to cancel the training. Naturally, I was angry and said that they were ungracious because now their teacher went down to school for nothing. And the best apology I got was “Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”Wow! Tomorrow they are definitely gonna have a shelling from me.

Luckily I brought along my running shoes and an extra t-shirt and I can use the track for my own running. Did a simple 2.4km run and finished at 11:56. It is a bit slow but it’s okay. The strange thing was that I did not end where I started. Each round is supposed to be 400m. So I would only need to run 6 rounds. Instead I ran 6.75 before my GPS said I have finished. Strange. It’s either the track’s distance is wrong or my GPS is not as accurate.


I then met Daniel for a swim at Jalan Besar. However, when we reached, there was lightning and the pool was closed. We had no choice but to go get our dinner. Luckily, when we came back, the pool is open again! The storm is gone. I managed to swim 20 laps while Daniel.

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