DAY 132: Back to Muay Thai training


It has been a long time since I did Muay Thai. I had to stop because I was really busy during the June holidays. I had a trip to Japan and lots of preparation for the photoshoot. Now that all is settled, I’m back!

It was Fight team training today. So there’s lots of condition and anaerobic exercises.

We started off by 3 grueling rounds of shadow boxing with burpees in between rounds. Every time Pal, our instructor shouts, we have to give 10 quick punches.

After that, we moved on to weaving. Again, we had to do fast punches while avoiding our partner’s focus mitts using weaving.

We did a total of 2 rounds and at the end of each round, we have more conditioning. 50 punches followed by 10 clap push ups then 50 punches again followed by 10 tuck jumps.

However, our day has not ended. We then moved on to kick combinations. Again, we did a total of 2 rounds and at the end of each round we have conditioning exercises. 50 punches followed by burpees followed up immediately with a roundhouse kick. We did this, 10 on each leg.

And finally, we did some abs conditioning exercises. We did dragon flags and leg rasies. By the end, I we were drenched and very drained. It was good training though. It has been a while since I had exercise of this intensity.

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