DAY 138: Pounce in and left hook!


Had my weekly Muay Thai lesson with Daniel. We are learning how to do a pounce in left hook. This move requires a bit of coordination with the foot work. The hook needs to land at the same time when one has pounced and both feet have touched the ground. It looks easy but it took a while for the class to get it.

After getting used to the movement we got down to the combination:

Jab, pounce in left hook, right low roundhouse, cross, right uppercut, left hook, right knee, right knee block, shuffle step cross, left hook.

After each round of combinations we got to 1 round of conditioning drill consisting”

50 jab cross, 10 right roundhouse, 10 left roundhouse

We did a total of 4 rounds. After which, it’s down to some PT:

After doing every 10 crunches, we are to do one slow jackknife until the class ends.

We were drenched and really tired by the time the class ended. GREAT STUFF!

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