DAY 140: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

“The impact of the quotation arises from the fact that it is applicable to a wide range of different types of situations where something needs to be done. It is by no means restricted to travelling. Not surprisingly, therefore, many languages have proverbs which express this insight, emphasising the ‘first step’ as the one that counts.” -BBC

I am really proud of my fiancee today. Ever since her friend has left for the mission field, my fiancee has lost her companion to exercise with. As such, she found it hard to find the motivation to run.

After much coaxing and delay, I managed to convince her to run 1km with me. Even today, she was a bit reluctant. However, seeing that I was disappointed,  she gave in and went down to the park to run with me. It wasn’t a great distance, just 1km, but it brought about a change in her.

After the run, she was determined to live a healthier lifestyle and wants to reevaluate her diet. We chose something  really healthy for dinner- Chinese boiled herbal soup. After dinner, we went to the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables because she was determined to bring healthy food to the office for lunch instead of eating at the hawker.

I am really proud of her and I am sure she will succeed!


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