DAY 143: Goodbye my Muay Thai partner :'(

Goodbye muay thai partner. Come back in november. #muaythai #fightg

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Last training with my buddy Daniel before he flies to HK to earn more $$. Yes, he will be overseas for a few months and this means that I have lost a very good padman and sparring partner. I need to make new friends in the gym. It’s gonna be awkward. Back in those days when I was alone, I always had different people holding pads for me. Sometimes it’s good as some of them really motivate but sometimes it’s bad, especially when I get paired up with a guy who doesn’t hold the pads well. I will be fearful of hurting in in would not put in my full strength..which actually defeats the point of training sometimes.

We learnt how to upper cut the body today. We did about 5 rounds of pad work and of course as always, in between rounds we need to do the conditioning drills. My biceps were really sore after doing all the uppercuts. We feel like we didn’t do our best today. This is mainly because we are not used to the combination and made us rather slow in hitting the pads. Oh well, there’s always room for improvement.


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