DAY 148: New Muay Thai partner pushes me hard

It’s Monday, it’s Muay Thai day! I went for training in the earlier time slot today as there’s no staff meeting today.

With Daniel gone, I needed to find a new partner. Thankfully, my old training partner was there. A French guy. He started off as a beginner but he’s really dedicated in his training. In every training, he will go all out and very quickly he became quite good. I paired up with him today.

We learnt how to do a jab leading to a pouncing  left elbow today. It’s very similar to the pouncing left hook which I have blogged about last week. All in all, we did 4 rounds of pad work with conditioning drills after each round.

It was quite a different pairing up with my new partner. He works hard! Really hard! His cardio is really good and could keep going and going. Training with him was good also as he continues to push and motivate me to give all that I’ve got even though I was tired. Today’s session was certainly tiring and I thought we did a good job as we continued to hit the pads hard and didn’t stop even though we were dead tired.


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