DAY 150: Running again and my knees are hurting

What's more important is finishing the race. Running to destress.. #jog #run #crosscountry

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I used to run a lot back when I was starting the lose weight. Then, compromises came in. “I’m too tired today…it’s too sunny; it’s too late” I gave myself all sort of excuses to stop running. Running isn’t the most fun thing to do for losing weight but in my case, it’s the most effective. I have been very busy lately and have been missing my runs…choosing quick and easy weight lifting to a nice long jog. However, lifting can never replace running. I am starting to run again and I feel like I have a lot to catch up.

It certainly seems like my speed is getting slower throughout the week. But it’s okay as long as I finish the race and hit the distance I wanted to achieve. As much as I hate running, every time I run, I go into a zen-like trance. During the run, I only focus on my breathing and my steps. Unknowingly, a lot of times, it helps me clear my mind off things and helps me to relieve stress.

Anyways, my knees has been hurting lately. I haven’t been running and my knees are not used to working out so much. I need to take it slow…

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One Response to DAY 150: Running again and my knees are hurting

  1. Good for you, it’s tough to motivate yourself, especially when your brain comes up with excuses that seem reasonable at the time. Keep up the good work! And yes, take it slow 🙂

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