DAY 154: Bruised, Battered, but Satisfied! Fight training!

It’s week 4 of the month and that means it’s FIGHT TRAINING! Once a month, coach Pal unleashes the beast in him and cracks his whip at us. We are to listen to all his instructions and push ourselves hard. Otherwise, we gonna get punished. This means loads of push ups and conditioning exercises.

Today, part of the training was learning how to take hits. One partner is supposed to attack while the other counter with hits. It’s suppose to be semi contact so there is still some force behind the hits. During this drill, you either learn or get hit hard. It was loads of fun and my left leg felt like dying as I was taking so many leg kicks.

We then went through circuit training and clinch training. It’s quite hard to explain what we have done but basically, we are in groups of 4. 1 pair is supposed to hit the pads while the other will be clinch sparring.

At the end of the day, I was drenched. My left leg is a bit sore but it’s a satisfying training!

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