DAY 159: Need to up my clinch game

Had Muay Thai training today. Didn’t went for class yesterday as I was down with the flu. However, thank God I feel better today to engage in a good workout.

For today’s training, we focused on clinching, one of my weaker areas in the art. We started the class by revising some clinching techniques, like how to get into a clinch and some basic defenses against the clinch. After that, we went on to non-stop clinch sparring. After every 1min, we changed partners.

I realised that I had forgotten many of the clinching basics. Hence I was getting manhandled by my partners. It was after about 3 rounds then I remembered to keep my body weight rested on my opponent and keep my feet parallel. With that adjustment, I was more able to fend against the knees that were coming my way more easily.


In the end, my face and chest were bruised from the sparring. It didn’t hurt though, in fact it was really fun. It was also mentally and physically challenging as I was hanging for dear life and trying my best not to get overwhelmed by my opponent’s clinch and knees. I had to summon every strength I have to move myself in a better position for a counter attack.

I really need to up my clinch game.

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