Pokemon GO or no GO?


POKEMON GO has been launched in Singapore! After months of waiting and several false alarms, it is finally here! It launched without any warning and people are excited to play the game! But then, Singaporeans are always full of drama and adverse to any small change in their ecosystems. With the launch of Pokemon GO, I also see many pitchforks and torches raised and people openly criticizing the game on Facebook. Even our government joined in the bandwagon. I think people need to take a chill pill before being so reactive.

Is Pokemon GO a bane or a boon? Personally, I think there are many opportunities that can come from the game. I think people shouldn’t be so adverse to anything new before trying it out. Yes, we have heard of many incidents/accidents that have happened due to the game but we should look at all these with a lens of objectivity.

Pokemon GO caused a lot of accidents!

This is one common objection I hear from oppositions of the game. Many people are reportedly getting into accidents, getting robbed and trespassing places while playing the game. It seems like many people get into some sort of trouble while playing the game.

But I wouldn’t say the game’s at fault. Rather, it is the users’ fault. It is understood that when playing Pokemon GO, users should be alert of their surroundings at all times and apply common sense where ever they go. However, those who got into trouble are often those who ignore this. If they could just be more alert of their surroundings, many accidents could have been easily avoided.

Pokemon GO is too addictive!

Another common reason I often hear from people not trying the game is that it is addictive and it will distract them from their work.

Florida Anchor Walks Through Newscast For Pokemon GO

Once again, this is a bad reason. Because honestly, ANYTHING can be a distraction. I remember, back in those days, people were choosing not to use Facebook as they felt that it was a distraction. And sadly, many of these people are those who work with the Youths. These people ended up totally at a lost at how to interact with the Youths as they were just not keeping up with the latest trends. It became hard for them to communicate with the youths. Now, it is unthinkable for anyone not to have a Facebook or even an Instagram account if you’re working with youths.

You being easily distracted by a simple app actually demonstrates a problem with you, not the game. It shows your lack of maturity and self-control, to be so easily mastered by a game. Master self-control. Don’t blame the game.

See it as opportunity

Instead of seeing it as a fad, many small businesses caught up with the trend and used it for their advantage. Many small businesses capitalize on this by giving players perks if they play and spend at their shops. A shop saw an increased sales of 75% capitalizing on Pokemon Go.

Opportunity to connect

The launch of the game also saw many players of different races, culture and religion coming together and work on something they love. The game gave them an opportunity to connect, make friends and get to know one another.

Pokemon GO is also reportedly helping those with depression.  Science alert reports,

“For a person suffering from depression or another mood disorder, the idea of exercise can be nearly impossible to contemplate, much less do,” writes Grohol. “For someone suffering from social anxiety, the idea of going outside and possibly bumping into others that may want to talk to you is daunting.”

But the app encourages people to get out and explore their neighbourhood to find and capture Pokémon, something that rewards them for leaving the house without forcing social interaction.

With the launch of Pokemon GO, my church, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, a monument in Singapore became a famous Pokestop. While one can be easily irked by the influx of Pokemon players barging into our sanctuary, we can also see it as opportunity for the gospel of Christ to be shared.


In conclusion, don’t be adverse to trying something new. Give a go. If it is not your thing, it’s fine but don’t be closed to opportunities that it may bring.


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2 Responses to Pokemon GO or no GO?

  1. Wow. Nicely written.. Maybe i too should give it a try.

    • strengthnspirit says:

      yeah you should! I bumped into a friend I haven’t met in year while playing Pokemon Go. Someone put a lure at a poke stop and we bumped into each other there. It was a good opportunity to catch up

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