DAY 163: Real men go to Muay Thai gym

Real men go to muay thai gym #muaythai #pokemongo

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Had my weekly fix of muay thai training today. Today, coach Darren got a few of us seniors to work on the high roundhouse block. We seldom practice this as we usually either kick the legs or mid-section. So it’s an interesting change for the day.

We started off the class with practicing basic jab, punch combination before practicing how to block the high roundhouse and how to catch the high roundhouse.

For the jab cross drill, we need to be mindful to follow up with our right leg when we do the cross and need to be mindful of twisting the hips and rotating the right leg inwards to maximize the rotation and generate maximum power.

As for the blocking of the roundhouse kick, we need to be mindful of using our free hand to cushion the blow as well to weaken the blow. I think I may not have gotten it right as my partner’s leg usually was able to hit my shoulder and the bony part of my shoulder hurts like hell.

We then proceeded off to do three rounds of pad work and after each round of pad work, we finished off with two conditioning rounds.

Jab, high roundhouse, left low roundhouse, high push kick to face, cross, left hook, high roundhouse block, counter with roundhouse, cross.

conditioning rounds X2:
50 jab cross, 20 roundhouse


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