DAY 168: Sleepless Muay Thai

Couldn’t sleep the previous night and only managed to get 2hours of shut eyes. I woke up feeling really groggy this morning and my heart beat feels funny. It felt like my heart was throbbing irregularly. I tested my pulse but found that it was okay. I went to work anyways.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired in school. Then again, I think it’s the hectic schedule that kept me going. I had a long day and only ended at 6pm. I rushed home to get my dinner then rush off again to have my Muay Thai lesson.

We worked on the vertical elbow and uppercut to the body today. I felt that I haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet. I am still unable to put in power for my left uppercut to the body. Coach Darren mentioned that it was due to my stance being too narrow and when I stepped forward. After some adjustment, I was able to put in more power behind my uppercuts.

Today’s combination:

High front kick to face, roundhouse, jab, vertical elbow, right uppercut to body, left uppercut to body, right hook, fade out, right front kick to face.

We did 3 rounds of pad work, working on the combination and had conditioning drills in between each round of pad work.

We ended the class with 200 crunches.

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