DAY 171: Burning lungs

I was a bit under the weather this morning when I woke up. My nose was runny and my throat hurts. I even have difficulty teaching as my throat made it difficult for me to project my voice. I wanted to go and see a doctor after school but the lure of money is too great. I psyched myself up and convinced that I am okay and proceeded to Victoria Junior College for the run anyways.

The MOE Healthy Lifestyle Incentive Scheme Award rewards those who are keeping fit. However, their requirements are more stringent then the army’s IPPT. One have to run below 12min just to pass! Those who pass are rewarded with a $50 incentive. There are different awards. Those who run even faster can get $75 and even $100.

Ready to run and win some $$$$ #run

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The weather was not in our favour when we reached Victoria Junior College. It was especially hot and sunny. It didn’t help that I was feeling sick either. Nonetheless, I ran. The first three laps around the track was okay. I ran with good speed but as the run progressed, I was breathing too quickly and I was developing stitches. It was quite painful but still, I need to push forward. Then at the 4th round, my lungs felt like they were burning and my muscles were burning from the lactic acid build up as well. I started to slow down and a few colleagues ran past me.

I tried to keep my posture upright and continue to run. At the last 100m, even though my lungs were burning and my thighs were hurting, I continued to push forward and sprinted. As I run past the time keeper, he reads out my timing. “11:56!” I made it! Below 12min! extra $50 into my pocket! WOOHOO!

Forgot to end my timer after finishing. Finished at 11:56! Bronze award! #run #jog

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