DAY 174: More high roundhouse kick counters

It’s always great to be back at the Muay Thai gym. It’s a good place to just hit the pads and destress.

Today, we focused on mastering the counters to high roundhouse kicks. We begin by learning how to block the high roundhouse kick. Then we moved on to learn how to block and side step the high kick with delivering a slow kick to the opponent’s supporting leg. Finally, we practiced how to catch our opponent’s leg when it comes at us and deliver a counter- either by tripping our opponent or giving them a devastating low kick.

Pad work- 3 rounds

Combination: Jab, knee, short left hook, cross to body, shuffle back, tap block, elbow black, jab, right roundhouse, high roundhouse kick counter

After each round, we did some conditioning drills- 50 punches, 20 kicks X 2 rounds.

Finally, we ended the class with 300+ crunches. My abs are gonna have abs… T.T

Mid-week destress session

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