DAY 183: My shin hurts!

Today’s Muay Thai training, we did defense against the roundhouse. That means there’s gonna be a lot shin blocks and lots of pain!

In the first half of the class, we revised on how to do the shin blocks. I was partnered with Derek who was almost twice my height and was really skinny. His kicks were really powerful as his legs were so long. Furthermore, as he is really skinny, his shin bone tend in ‘cut’ into my shin. It was hell to train with him but it also revealed that my shins are not really well conditioned.

We then learnt how to do a shin block with a push, a variant of the shin block that also serve to push the opponent out of balance so that you can launch a counter.

Finally, we ended the lesson with some pad work.

Combination: jab, hook, uppercut, hook, shin block with push, right roundhouse, left roundhouse.

My shins are so gonna hurt the next day…

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