DAY 190: You need rock hard abs for push kicks

It was all about push kick during muay thai training today. Did countless push kicks during training. Likewise, have been kicked countless times during training today. It’s not good just learning how to do a push kick, one has to learn how to take the impact also. Needless say, my abdomen is bruised from all the kicking.

But this is what training is all about. Hit and get hit. Repeat. Through the long process, you learn to deliver killer blows and also at the same time, develop the conditioning to take hits.

We started off class doing push kick drills. One person will do the push kick on another person holding the pads for 2 consecutive rounds.

After which, we learn to catch the timing for the push kick: to deliver the push kick when the opponent is closing in then counter immediately with cross, left hook, upper cut.

After that, we did some combinations on the thai pad:

Push kick, cross, hook, uppercut, shuffle back, push kick to inner thigh, push kick to abdoment, left roundhouse X 2.

We then finished off the class with good old ab excersies, crunches and jack knives.

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2 Responses to DAY 190: You need rock hard abs for push kicks

  1. How do you treat your bruises? Do you use tiger balm or just let it heal naturally?

    • strengthnspirit says:

      usually i just let it heal naturally as I only train muay thai once a week. what i feel is more important is learning to breathe out with a sharp breath and tensing your abdomen when you get hit. this way, you minimize the damage dealt and will heal a lot faster.

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