DAY 211: My neck hurts

Had muay thai lesson today. We learnt how to counter the clinch today by escaping an opponent’s grab and entering into a side clinch.

We started of class by revising how to clinch an opponent who is throwing hooks. It’s all about timing. Basically one just have to block one of the hooks and when the hook touches gloves, one have to explode forward and grab the opponent’s head. From that position, the person in the inside clinch learns how to feel the opponent’s force. When the opponent steps back to give a knee, one have to learn  and turn his head to the side to unbalance him and counter with a knee strike of his own.

We then learnt how the counter to this move which is the main technique of the lesson. As one’s head is turned to the side, he has to push the opponent’s elbow upwards and duck his head under the arms and counter clinch the opponent in a side clinch. After giving two quick knees, continue with a barrage of elbow, uppercut, hook, elbow.

After a long time of practicing techniques, we got into pad work. It was a bit complicated in the beginning but we got the hang of it ultimately.

Combination: jab, knee, left hook, right hook, left hook, right hook, get clinched, step back, get unbalanced, escape the clinch and enter into side clinch, knee, knee, right elbow, left uppercut, right hook, left elbow, knee.

conditioning drill: 50 jab cross, 50 left hook right hook, 50 knees.

We did this for two rounds and finally ended the class. I couldn’t lift my my head as my neck was too fatigued from the clinch. It was even hard for my just to look at my phone as my neck was hurting so bad. It was only after a period of rest that it got better.

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