DAY 212: Muscle, y u no grow faster?!

As expected, my neck and trapezius muscles hurts due to the clinch sparring. It is hard to even move my neck. I am glad to be able to complete my marking under such conditions. It is very uncomfortable to look down on the table.

I have been lifting weight for quite a while now. I see some results. As this blog may be visited by my students, it’s not so suitable to put up my half naked photos. Because Asia. :/ Anyways, not sure what am I doing wrongly or what I can do to help me grow faster. Perhaps someone who has been reading my blog can give me some guidance. I have been doing moderately heavy weights. Each time, i do about 5 sets of 10 reps per exercise. I think the weight I am using is okay. I usually have problem lifting till the 10th rep on set 2 onwards. Hope someone can really enlighten me. Or is it just that I need patience?

Today’s workout:

Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 10 5 Barbell shoulder press 34.5kg
2 10 5 Bent over row 34.5kg
3 10 5 Weighted pull ups 5kg
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