DAY 213: Some light lifting and boxing cardio

It’s always tempting to skip working out. However, I need to stay focused and keep to my routine so that I can achieve my goals!

Did some light weight lifting today as I was a bit lazy. However, as I started exercising, it motivated me even more and I exercised more. Initally, I planned on just doing dips and call it a day. Then, I thought,”Ah! Might as well do a full workout!” I ended up speding an hour exercising.

Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 10 5 Parallel bar dips bodyweight
2 10 5 Barbell curl 20kg
3 10 5 Side lateral raise 10kg

After some lifting, I felt that I did exercise enough and proceeded to do the counter punching boxing workout. It wasn’t very tiring but still great fun!

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