DAY 215: I ran today! And it’s all that matters

Geh kiang went for a longer run. So slow… need to get back my fitness. #crosscountry #jog #run

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I decided to challenge myself by running for a longer time today. Usually, I will be done when I hit the 30min mark or when I reached 5km. This time round, I decided that I wanted to run continuously for 45min. And I did.

It didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected. I haven’t been running for a long time and my body isn’t used to it. One of the major problems I faced while running was that my lower back was aching. Perhaps it is due to some muscular imbalance. I had to stop a few times to stretch out my back before continuing. I completed at a very slow timing but as my friend, Sam, says,“The difference is that you ran today.”

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