DAY 217: If you’re scared of getting hurt, go do boxercise and punch the air! This is Muay Thai!- Coach Pal

Had fun at Muay Thai class today. We learned how to catch the teep and countering with a teep. We started off class as usual with some light stretching and warm up. After that, we practised kicking the teep with our partners. In this drill, one partner will raise his gloves at various heights and the other will teep his gloves as fast as possible.

After going through a few rounds, we were grouped into threes and practised today’s technique. It was hard in the beginning when I tried to catch the teep. I ended up sweeping the leg away. I needed a few tries to get it right.

After that, it was two rounds of combinations and conditioning drills.

Combination: jab, high teep, cross, right knee, catch opponent’s teep, counter with teep, jumping teep, 12-6 elbow, jab cross, hook, elbow, hook elbow.

Conditioning drill: 50 hook elbows, 30 knees.

The class then continued with conditioning training which includes 20 roundhouses and squats on each leg and a few rounds of clinch sparring.


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