DAY 220: Saturday liftin’

BROFORCE! Lift today, be a Bro tomorrow!

Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 10 5 Barbell shoulder press 34.5kg
2 10 5 Bent over row 36kg
3 10 5 Weighted pull ups 5kg

Getting stronger. Barbell shoulder press wasn’t as tiring today and I managed to do the bent over rows with relative ease. The weighted pull ups on the other hand, was a little difficult to managed. Somehow on the 4th set, I was totally fatigued. I couldn’t pull myself up pass the 5th rep. I struggled through the 10th rep and had to take a longer rest before I could continue with my 5th set.

Looking at myself in the mirror, the results are showing. I lost a bit of body fat by growth in my upper body is the most obvious. My biceps and lats grew the most. When the holidays come, I shall go at it even harder. Woot!

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