DAY 228: Deadly elbows

Went for Muay Thai training today. Coach Pal isn’t here today and my friend Gan is teaching instead. We learnt how to throw some sick elbow combinations.  The combination is rather simple but it got me all sweaty.

As usual we started the class with some warm up. I skipped this part because it was really crowded in the gym today. I waited for quite a while before I could get my lock key to lock my stuff and proceed for training. We then continued with some stretching then 3 min of shadow boxing as usual.

To warm us up a bit more we did 20 push ups, 5 clap push ups, 40 squat, 10 tuck jumps, 30 crunches and 20 jack knives. We then move into learning the combination.


Jab, horizontal right elbow, left elbow upper cut, right cutting elbow diagonally down, reverse up right elbow, dig right elbow on to opponent’s collar bone, clinch, left knee, right knee.

We then proceed to hit the thai pads. We did a total of 3 rounds and after each round, we have to do 50 elbows and 50 knees.

After pad work, we did more conditioning. Left right elbow strikes continuously for 30sec, left knee strikes for 30 secs, right knee strikes for 30sec and finally finish off with left right elbow strikes for 30 sec.

There was some time left and Gan proceeded to teach us how to unbalance an opponent using bicep triceps clinch.

And my knees are bruised from during knee strikes during training. =D

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