DAY 234: Muay Thai-My jaw nearly dropped off

Today’s Muay Thai lesson, we were mainly practicing the fake push up leading to a push kick. It may seem simple but a lot people were doing wrongly and coach Pal shouted at us. Instead of lifting their knees forward to do the fake, many were lifting the knee from the side like a shin block.

Start Warm up: jumping jacks, running on the spot, tuck jumps
Shadow boxing
Push ups and clap push up, squats and tuck jumps, crunches and jack knives
Teaching Practice push kick by kicking partner at leg, hip and shoulder level
Practice fake push kick leading to push kick. Partner to block with cover block.
Combination: Lead leg push kick, low right roundhouse, mid right roundhouse, cross, left hook, cross, right knee, fake push kick, lead leg high push kick, cover block against push kick to face, scoop block against partner’s lead leg push kick, cross
Practice Pad work with combination  

3 rounds

50 punches, 20 roundhouse, 20 fake push kick followed by push kick

Anyways, I wasn’t holding the pad firm enough. When my partner kneed the pad, it went up and hit my jaw. Now it is very painful for me to chew stuff. I was afraid that my jaw was dislocated. Thankfully, I can still move it. I guess it’s fine then.

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