DAY 249: Fun time at the gym

Went to the gym early morning to do my workout. I was quite disappointed that some of that they do not have barbells that are heavy enough for my barbell shoulder presses. Nonetheless, to make use of other equipment to help me train my shoulders. I find that I concentrate better at the gym as everyone is so serious with their workout. It motivates you and make you feel “paiseh” to slack off.

Morning lifting. Veins popping

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Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 10 5 Dumbbell shoulder press 14kg
2 10 5 Peck deck 60lbs
3 10 5 Rows 55lbs
4 10 5 Lat pull down
5 10 5 Shoulder press machine
6 10 5 Arm curl machine 25lbs
7 Stationary bike 10mins
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