DAY 272: Slippin’ punches

Slipping punches are one of my weaknesses. I am too used to blocking and thus my head and torso are rather…immobile. Today’s Muay Thai lesson, we learnt some slipping and ducking. It looks like a easy movement but requires one to see the punches fast and slip to the correct side.

We started class with some practice. Initially, it was quite okay because our partners were doing predictable punches. Jab, jab, cross, cross.

Then, I got hit many times when the punches are thrown  at random. Much work needs to be done…

Start Warm up: jumping jacks, running on the spot, tuck jumps
Shadow boxing
20 push ups, 5 clap push ups, 20 squats, 5 tuck jumps, 40 crunches, 10 jack knives
Teaching Practice technique:  slip left (jab), slip right (cross), slip left (jab), slip right (cross),
Practice technique part 2: block (jab), slip left (jab) block (cross), slip right (cross), duck and weave (left hook), duck and weave (right hook)
Practice Combination:  cross, right hook, left hook, right knee, block (jab), slip left (jab), left hook, right cross, duck and weave (left hook), cross, right roundhouse, block (cross), slip right (cross), 6-12 elbow, 12-6 elbow


4 Rounds


After each round: 50 jab, cross, 20 roundhouses

It’s a bit confusing today because my partner for today is a Southpaw.

Anyways, even though the combination was quite easy, it sucked all the energy away from me. Mostly likely because I’m not used to slipping and ducking.

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