DAY 276: Progress review

Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 10 5 Barbell shoulder press 35kg
2 10 5 Bent over row 37kg
3 10 5 Weighted pull ups 5kg
4 10 5 Side lateral raise 6kg
5 10 5 Elevated Push ups

After so many days of working out, I can say that it’s starting to pay off. Days put into shoulder presses and lifting heavier and heavier weights has helped me greatly in building my shoulders. My shoulders has been one of my problem areas and in the coming year, I need to look into how to make my shoulders growth even faster. My lats has made great progress after adopting bent over rows in my routines. The lats are really starting to pop out. In 2017, I look forward to pushing my physical body to yet another level!

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