DAY 304: Ripped callus lol!

Sam came over to my place for strength training today. Even though it’s less than an hour, it’s a very long session. Sam ripped his callus while doing the pull ups. I reassured him that it’s common and his hands will slowly get used to it. My own hands are toughened by long periods of time lifting and doing pull ups on the pull up bard and has been really seasoned.

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments
1 10 4 Pullup progression Standard pull ups.
10 4 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips.
2 20 4 Squat Progression Squats.
20 4 L-sit Progression Crunches.
3 10 4 Pushup progression Wide pushups.
10 4  Row Progression Wide rows.

Sam continued by running 1km but I didn’t as I have just eaten and I was having a throbbing headache.

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