DAY 309: Clinch sparring. I learnt a new technique!

Learnt a new technique today! A bear clinch. Simple technique yet hard to get the opponent with it. We clinched a lot today and our necks are all sore after the training. Really need to massage and stretch it out.

Start Warm up: jumping jacks, running on the spot, tuck jumps, burpees
Shadow boxing
20 push ups, 5 clap push ups,  20 squats, 5 tuck jumps, 40 crunches, 10 jackknives
Recap Clinch opponent and do not let him escape


If opponent escapes, 10 clap push ups as punishment


Teaching Bear hug opponent and unbalance him using body weight


Side knees recap


Practice Combination:  Cross, left hook, cross, left low roundhouse, clinch, right knee, left knee, right knee, left knee, bear hug, right side knee, left side knee, right side knee, left side knee, right roundhouse, left roundhouse


After each round: 50 punches, 20 roundhouses


3 Rounds


Conditioning Clinch sparring 1min X4 with different partners each round


100 jackknives


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