DAY 312: My legs!!! Epic leg day

Awesome day at Fightg today. We learnt the ‘shuck’ and did loads of leg exercises. My calves were cramping after the session and I could feel my quadriceps hurting when I walk down the stairs. It was a long time since I had such an intense session. I even had stitches when I was done with the pad work!

Start Warm up: jumping jacks, running on the spot, tuck jumps, burpees
Shadow boxing
20 push ups, 5 clap push ups,  20 squats, 5 tuck jumps, 40 crunches
Teaching ‘Shuck’ against thai collar clinch to break off form the clinch

Hard to explain in words here, view the video above

Practice Combination:  Jab, jab, cross, Jab, jab, cross, right roundhouse, Jab, jab, cross, fake roundhouse, step in left knee, pad man clinches, ‘Shuck’ against thai collar clinch to break off form the clinch, cross, jab, cross, right uppercut, left hook, right knee

After each round: 50 punches, 20 roundhouses

4 Rounds


Conditioning Form 4 rows

Fake roundhouse to knee from one end to the gym to the other end, frog jump back

While waiting for your turn, squat all the way


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