DAY 314: Goodbye Cedar track

My student catching invisible snowflakes

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Part of our school’s land which is currently occupied by the school’s 400m track, is being taken back by the government for urban development. We commemorate our school’s 60th Anniversary, our school have organised the Cedar run to run on the track one last time before HDB takes over and urban development can begin.

It was an exciting day with loads of activities. Most importantly, we have Cedarians, past and present gathered together to run together.

Each class was supposed to run a total of 60 laps together. My class only has 29 students. Hence, I have kindly volunteered myself to contribute 2 rounds to the class’ running effort.

I then went to the school canteen to get some fried food. It’s special because fried food has been banned from school and for this one day, they allowed the school vendors to sell fried food. I bought a fried drumstick and some fried red bean pastry. It wasn’t enough. I bought popcorn chicken and fries.

The food was good but it also made me feel guilty. So much calories! As I was walking back to the class room, my colleague mentioned that he ran 6 rounds round the track. He said he didn’t contribute them to his class’ effort but since he’s running already, just go for 2.4km.

I felt motivated and went back to the track to run another 4 rounds.

Chariots of fire. "When I run, I feel His pleasure" -Eric Liddell

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