DAY 316: Muay Thai clinch sweeps

Had an interesting lesson at muay thai class today. Did something a little more advanced: sweeps from Muay Thai clinch. Coach Ganesan is a great teacher. He gave us step by step guide to how to do the sweep. All of us learnt the techniques really fast.

Start Warm up: jumping jacks, running on the spot, tuck jumps, burpees
Shadow boxing (10 quick punches, tuck jump or burpees on command)
Teaching Controlling opponent, shifting them left or right using Thai collar clinch

From thai collar clinch, move into bicep tricep control and unbalance opponent then:

A)From previous position, sweep opponent down by kneeing into inner thigh

B)move into bear hug and lift opponent

Practice Combination:  jab, cross, left uppercut, right roundhouse, jab, right elbow, thai collar clinch, shift opponent left, right knee, shift opponent right, left knee,  move into bicep tricep control and unbalance opponent, knee to inner thigh, move into bear hug, lift opponent

After each round: 50 elbow, 50 knees

2 Rounds

Conditioning Clinch sparring

4 punches on heavy bag, followed by right roundhouse, left roundhouse

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