DAY 318: Quick feet; lungs burning

Today, I ran. It has been a long time since I ran for training.  I have been really lazy. Nonetheless, I know that I have my neglecting this part of training hence I decided to go for a short 2.4km run. I tried to challenge myself by trying to complete the run in 11:30min.

I really have gotten fitter. My legs used to tire out really quickly by the 1st km and I would need to push myself for the rest of the run. However, this time round, my feet are light and I sped through with ease. It is only at the last 400m that I felt that the run was becoming challenging. Oxygen debt kicked in and I could feel my lungs burning, desperate for air. I managed to press on and maintain at the same speed despite all that.

It was a good run. Seems like I still got it.

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